Correcting Human Mitochondrial Mutations

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Researchers at the UCLA stem cell center and the departments of chemistry and biochemistry and pathology and laboratory medicine have identified, discount for the first time, a generic way to correct mutations in human mitochondrial DNA by targeting corrective RNAs, a finding with implications for treating a host of mitochondrial diseases.

Mutations in the human mitochondrial genome are implicated in neuromuscular diseases, metabolic defects and aging. There currently are no methods to successfully repair or compensate for these mutations, said study co-senior author Dr. Michael Teitell, a professor of pathology and laboratory medicine and a researcher with the Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at UCLA.

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  1. Hi thereIm wondering how you went about snitteg up Mito Canada. Ive been thinking about something similar for Ireland as while UMDF and Mito Action are terrific, I think we need something more regional based but with afficiliations to UMDF, Mito Action in the US, Mito Canada and Mito Australia. I know through the facebook page that there appears to be a need for something in Ireland so I would appreciate any information you could give me.Some background my 4 1/2 year old son Jack was diagnosed at 14 months with Complexes I, III & IV missing and has chronic renal failure, hypotonic and is profoundly deaf. He is on the Q10, Carnetene and Vit C for mito & other meds/feeds for the renal failure included pd dialysis 6 nights a week at home & is ng fed.Look forward to hearing from you.Christine

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