Way to Go Connor!

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Conner Fundraiser
Mito patient Connor initiated a fundraiser at his school a few years ago to raise money for CureMito! Over the years Connor has raised thousands of dollars towards a cure! This past January he even got Assemblymember Anthony Portantino to make an appearance at the event kick-off! Great Job Connor!!!


  1. I think we may have (finally) found a buyer for our old house and I think we may have found a new home that will fit our family’s siacpel needs. It is not exactly what we had hoped for, but it has 4 bedrooms, 4 acres, and is a double wide on a basement, so there are not a lot of steps. I can’t wait to go see the property! If this isn’t it, though, I know there will be another property that the Lord is preparing for us. We will miss you, Heather, but we pray the Lord will find you a beautiful place to live and raise your lovely family!

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