CureMito! was established by a team of parents and physicians caring for children struggling with the many conditions connected with this disorder.

The Mission of CureMito

CureMito’s mission is to provide funding for clinical and laboratory research of mitochondrial disease and its related functional disorders and to increase awareness and understanding of mitochondrial disease in both the medical and general communities we serve.

CureMito’s Goal

CureMito!‘s first goal is to establish a Center of Excellence for the Study & Treatment of Mitochondrial Disorders in L.A.. Under the leadership of Dr. Boles, the Program will provide care to children and young adults from across the world, in addition to performing important research into the link between energy metabolism and functional and dysautonomic conditions.

We are a small organization and rapidly expanding our outreach and awareness program. We are particularly committed to increasing awareness in the general population about mitochondrial disease to help provide diagnostic tools for physicians and to provide the most up to date information on new findings and treatments.