EllaAt 21 months old, generic May 2007, pharmacy Ella was walking through the grocery store and she got dizzy.  She stopped walking, heldher eye and didn’t move. That happened a few times during that day.  We went to the ER, had a MRI and everything came back fine.  Exactly 10 weeks later, she woke up vomiting multiple times and got almost comatose, we had a slew of tests done including a cat scan, spinal tap, etc and nothing showed up.

Every ten weeks almost like clockworkshe would get dizzy and vomit and get comatose and we have to go to the ER for fluids.  Sometimes she has to get admitted to the hospital. We have seen every specialist possible: endocrinologist,cardiologist, gastroenterologist, neurologist, neurotologist, geneticist, etc.

In November 2009, we went to the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio to see Dr.Radhakrishnan and he diagnosed her with cyclic vomiting syndrome CVS. He put her on a low dose of Elavil. The cycle went from every 10 weeks to 12 weeks. We just saw Dr. Richard Boles in July 2011 and he increased her meds and added supplements.

Ella is a normal girl between cycles but when she gets sick, she always has to go to the ER.  Her vomiting usually lasts 1 day and then she remains dizzy for 3-4 days. She is also extremely light sensitive during an episode. We are hopeful with Dr. Boles that we will cease the episodes.