JoashuaWhile vacationing at the family cabin in Big Bear, filled with fun hiking and swimming, Joshua could have died. Joshua would not eat his dinner, only wanting dessert. Joshua was always a poor eater, I raised my concerns with his pediatrician, the pediatrician directed me to only offer healthy meals, stating “he will not starve himself to death, if he’s hungry he will eat”. Joshua ended up going to bed without dinner or dessert.

By morning Joshua was vomiting and was unable to wake up, I thought he had the stomach flu, I decided to pack up and head home. When I noticed Joshua had, what looked like coffee grinds, coming out of his mouth and still unable to stay conscious, I realized this is more serious than the stomach flu.

I took Joshua to the ER, this small hospital staff wasn’t equipped to diagnose or properly treat him, Joshua was transported off the mountain to a larger hospital, where he stayed for several days, and then discharged without knowing what caused Joshua’s blood sugar to drop into the 30’s. I later found out that if I would have stayed with my original plan to pack up and head home, Joshua wouldn’t have survived.

It took 6 years without answers resulting in more trips to the ER, then finally Joshua was referred to Dr. Boles at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Mitochondrial Genetics Clinic. This is where he received the correct diagnoses and treatment plan.

I am thankful Joshua is now doing well, he is in High School and has not been back to the ER in years!