PaigePaige is nine years old and has struggled with low energy production her whole life. As an infant we thought she was just an “easy” baby, prostate but as she grew older we knew something was not right. After years of doctor visits, shop numerous tests and being told again and again nothing was wrong, finally we found Dr. Boles at CHLA. Through his groundbreaking mitochondrial research, Dr. Boles was able to finally provide an explanation for Paige’s condition, functional disease due to mitochondrial dysfunction. Now we were finally armed with the scientific knowledge that Paige’s constant gastrointestinal issues, heat intolerance, dry eyes and overall lack of energy were indeed not “normal.” On Dr. Boles’ mito cocktail, Paige is ready to take on her days, run with her friends at recess, pay full attention in the classroom, and have a twinkle in her eye. We are so fortunate to have found Dr. Boles and CHLA. We hope that through additional resources, that he and other doctors and scientists will be able continue their groundbreaking research to help even more children and adults entangled in the wide spectrum of mitochondrial disease.