Functional Disorders of Mitochondria

The Functional Symptoms ElephantThe functional disorders are defined not by what they are, ask but by what they are not: they generally do not result in structural anomalies. In the absence of a structural anomaly, it is the function of the cells that is assumed to be abnormal. You can perform an MRI from head to toe and generally find nothing. If fact, for the most part, there is no test to diagnosis any of these conditions, and testing is performed to look for other potential (structural) causes of the patient’s complaints. For example, an endoscope may be placed in the stomach to look for the structural changes of ulceration, before a diagnosis of “functional abdominal pain” is given. With new and severe headaches, an MRI of the brain might be done to look for the structural changes of a tumor or vascular anomaly.

Many of the functional disorders are clearly physical in natural, while others occupy the space between the traditional concepts of mind and body. While stress can make a large number of disorders worse, including the functional disorders, it is NOT the cause of these conditions. Also, depression and anxiety disorder are conditions often found in patients with functional disorders, but they themselves are often, in part, due to brain energy depletion. Thus, a comprehensive approach to the therapy of functional disorders often includes medications, special vitamins and other nutrients, diet and exercise, all targeted at mitochondria, possibly coupled with antidepressants and/or stress reduction techniques in the appropriate cases.

Unfortunately, many people, sometimes including physicians, assume that the cause of the functional disorders is stress, mental illness, or otherwise is “in the head”. Dr. Boles believes that there is ample scientific evidence to demonstrate that the functional disorders are real conditions, with abnormalities at the sub-cellular and molecular levels, and not a result of stress or mental illness. We treat individuals with functional disease with the dignity that they deserve, and search for physical causes and solutions, while not neglecting the whole person.

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