What is Mito?

What is Mitochondria?

Mitochondria are our cell’s power plants. They are responsible for converting the energy in food molecules into the ATP that powers cell function. When the mitochondria fail to work properly, rx an energy crisis occurs, sale resulting in disease and disorder throughout the body.

Mitochondrial & Functional Disorders

Genetic research is revealing that many, perhaps most, mitochondrial disorders do not fall under the traditional “classical” or severe mitochondrial disease umbrella. Instead, mito patients may suffer from a host of functional disorders such as Autism, SIDS, migraine, chronic fatigue , fibromyalgia, cyclical vomiting syndrome, and IBS, that have a basis in the body’s energy production function. Although these conditions are often not life threatening, they significantly impact the quality of patients’ lives. For most, symptoms often appear or become much worse during periods of high-energy demands such as; viral illness, fasting and emotional stress, yet they can experience periods of relative normalcy – resulting in delayed or missed diagnosis.

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