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Courtagen Life Sciences is a CLIA certified genetic testing laboratory focused on mitochondrial disease. We are committed to speed and accuracy. When it comes to diagnosing mitochondrial disease, we are faster, better and easier to utilize, than any other laboratory in the field.

Genetic testing offers many new opportunities that can provide answers to physician’s and family’s who are in search of a diagnosis. Often times current testing methods can be invasive, time consuming and costly. Physician’s are provided with limited information to make a diagnosis. Courtagen’s genetic testing services can provide new answers to clinician’s and physician’s so that a more effective diagnosis can be made. Better treatment plans often lead to improved quality of life.

Mitochondrial disorders form a heterogeneous group of defects of the mitochondrial energy generating system of the cell. The disease course is dependent on the primary defect, and is generally progressive. Patients show various combinations of dysfunction of the neuromuscular and other organ systems. Tissues requiring the most energy, such as the brain, retina, heart, kidney, GI, and skeletal muscle, are most commonly and severely affected. A mitochondrial disorder should be suspected in every unexplained progressive disease. Neurological degeneration is typically triggered by stress. These disorders can affect every organ system, and are caused by mutations in the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) or the nuclear DNA (nucDNA).

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